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Welcome to The World

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Welcome to The World

Welcome to World:

  • 870 million people do not have enough to eat and 98 percent of them live in developing countries.
  • The USA’s military budget nearly exceeds that of the rest of world’s countries combined.
  • The UN estimates that nearly 30 women are raped every hour, based on data from only 65 countries.
  • According to the Financial Times, “In the last full business cycle, between 2002 and 2007, the top 1 per cent captured almost two-thirds of the rise in incomes, while the top 0.1 per cent captured more than a third.”
  • ORB estimated that the war in Iraq which was based on incorrect information (or lies), resulted in the death of up to 1.4 million people, the overwhelming majority consisting of innocent civilians.
  • In Canada, Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the last 25 years, according to the Ministry of Health. More than one-third of children between 5-17 are classified as obese or overweight.
  • 10.9 million children under the age of five die in developing countries each year. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases accounts for approximately 60 percent of these deaths
  • In 2005, The International Labor Organization’s estimated that a whopping 31.6 billion USD in profits were generated from the global human trafficking industry.
  • In Chicago, IL a McDonald’s employee of over 20 years still earns minimum wage.
  • The average girl sees over 400 advertisements a day telling her how she should look.
  • In 2011,  average CEO earnings were estimated to be 380 times that of the average employee in the United States, compared to approximately 40 in 1980.
  • “Under most existing laws, if our findings were extrapolated nationally, several million teens could be prosecuted for child pornography”, explains a  study on teen sexting, which finds that a whopping 28% of teenagers text fully-nude pictures of themselves.
  • The total amount of consumer debt in the US was nearly $2.4 trillion in 2010. That’s $7,800 of debt per person.
  • The average US consumer carries 4 credit cards.

We believe that most of the problems we’re facing in the world today are as a result of diseases in the hearts of man.

If we examine the trails and tribulations all over the earth, we’ll find they are rooted in human hearts. Covetousness, the desire to aggress and exploit  the longing to pilfer natural resources, the inordinate love of wealth, and other maladies are manifestations of diseases found nowhere but in the heart. Every criminal, miser, abuser, scoffer, embezzler, and hateful person does what he or she does because of a diseased heart. So if you want to change our world, do not begin by rectifying the outward. Instead, change the condition of the inward. We of the modern world are reluctant to ask ourselves — when we look at the terrible things happening — “Why do they occur?” and if we ask that with sincerity, the answer will come back to us in no uncertain terms: all of this is from our own selves. In so many ways, we have brought this upon ourselves. This is the only empowering position we can take.

– Hamza Yusuf

So let us become aware of the problems that we are facing as a global community. Let us strive to develop ourselves into moral characters with ethical practices and concern for the well-being of others. The only way we can make this world a better place is to start with recognizing our shortcomings and realizing that our individual well-being also resides in the well-being of others. It is our responsibility to bring about these changes to make this world a better and safer place for all of our future generations.

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