Wednesday 21st February 2018,
Friends of The People

Ayar West – “Untitiled”

Ayar West – “Untitiled”

I wave my paper in front of these roaches, when they approch us
having them flockin like sheep just to take a peek
it aint nothing, but u can’t have it
cuz you smoke and drink too much
plus you cuss too much
just shut the fuck up
when I’m on a roll,
you better just go, cuz i’m jackin homies outta limos
leaving them crying with a bloody nose
setting fire to the flame, burning your assholes up
they said i read too much, while they was getting tattooed up
which is funny, it’s like givin em money to scratch a Bugatti
you have the never to tell me
just how blessed i am

It just doesn’t get any darker than convincing a boy with a bright mind, his entire life’s a crime
those bastards never let me forget I was a brown kid
that heavily needed his ass kicked
said I had never been shit
was never gonna be shit
that’s why I take shit, whenever i’m given shit
fitted with a mind, that’ll have you coming for mine
that’s why I’m sharp, and doing what I gotta do
spitting gold, while takin over the whole world
and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do
right here in front of you
I’m like a thief holding a gun to your head
got you shitting on yourself cuz ur already dead
at your funeral you won’t need a casket
I’m leaving just enough of you to fit inside a basket
They were runnin nothing but their mouth
so, here take ur man before I take em out

I’m a real G, having bitches call me a gentlemen
I lost respect for ya homie, we can never be friends
If anyone can match me, i’ll call it quits
but u wont cuz ur hangin off mydick
idont care how many, thugs, pimps or ballers in it
cuzyou counting hours, while i’m counting minutes
They didn’t care who they hit
As long as there was drama and shit
Contemplating about girls I used to be cool with before
But a man changes
and love changes
And best friends can become strangers

Release was in me
My eyes have seen plenty
Patience was running out
So I was ready to shout
What’s all the fronting about?
These mothafuckas have a death wish
I even knew the bitch he slept with
That’s why I turned off my tv
Racism’s still alive they just be hiding it
Just like ur women are oppressed
Why else do you think they’re so depressed?
Now you all wanna be me
that’s only cuz you can’t see me
I’m no longer alive, you killed me when I was a child

These people think they can buy their way to heaven
This aint a game a where you can just hope to roll an eleven
I don’t just wanna just end up in heaven
Nah man, I’m better than that
Homie, I’m aiming for the first of the seven
Canadian, African, West side, worldwide
Cuz I rep Muslim until I die
One body, two hearts
Wish she knew that from the start
Islam raised me, but you called me crazy
You know how the game be, I can’t let em change me
Since I came from the bottom I guess the top is the only place to go now
It looks like everyone got life figured out all wrong
But I guess you never know what you have till it’s gone
I’m living in the shadows, you’ll never be able to come find me
You can’t understand what I’m saying
Can’t figure out what I’m implying
If you feel like you don’t wanna be a live,
You feel just like I do
so either let me in or let me go
I don’t need you trying to diagnose my problems
Thinking you can even begin to understand them
Your hypocrisy took my voice away from me
But poetry gave it back to me
I’m anti-capitalism because capitalism is anti-me

My mind in my nine, my pen is my mac ten
that’s why you aint throwing me in no pen
cuz you know me homie, i just wanna keep the peace
but saying my name is only gonna lead to beef
tell my homies chill cuz they wanna heat the streets
gimmie the mici’d rather murder em over this beat
Now everybody wanna welcome me here
and girls starting to call me dear
You forgot I wasn’t welcome in the first place
so how could you welcome me back
give me the mac let me welcome with that

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My biggest struggle is myself. My temptations and desires distract me, the material world blinds me, my unforgivable youth saddens me and frequently discourages me. "Sometimes I feel like letting go, so I can roam around the wilderness, see it for what it really is uncorrupted and filter-less". Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Our struggle is to be the best that we can be by living a balanced life, both fully and righteously. It's never too late, but remember that man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.

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